Friday, July 27, 2012

A Little Friday Magic

  There are so many questions in life. Should I date this person? What should I do in my career? How can I fix this? Which option is right? Am I on the right path? Where is that freakin’ other sock?  It gets overwhelming, especially when life gets crazy as it usually does and your trying to make big decisions under a mountain of stress. You end up with your head in your hands saying “I just don’t know what to do?” You ask anyone and everyone around you for their thoughts yet still end up right where you started. Head in hands. 

Well, I am about to help you answer all of your questions and I don’t even know what they are! (take that David Blaine!) Ready?

Look. Inside. Yourself.

What do you want?

This seemingly easy question is all to often over looked in decision making.   Especially when there are “big” questions happening in life. Which is ironic because its the question that has the answer.

It doesn’t matter if your questions is work, life, or love related if you don’t know what YOU want, how can you possibly tell anyone else? If you don’t know what you need how can you ask your partner for it? If you don’t know where you want to go with your career, how can you ask anyone to help you get there? If you don’t know how you feel about something with out other people’s input, how can you be sure your making choices that are right for you?

Self awareness is learning about you and learning about you is growing as a person. That’s how we move forward, thats how we evolve as people. Have you ever noticed that person that just never seems to grow up or move forward? They complain but never do anything to change their circumstances? That’s a person who is looking outward for the answers instead of inward towards enlightenment.

Get to know yourself!

Did I hear you say how do I do that? well...
Try starting with this question: What do you value?
An exercise that helped me with this is to think of 3 people you admire. List out the qualities you admire in them, what makes them a role model for you? Their kindness? Their genuineness? The way they respect others? The things you list are some of the things you value in others and consequently in yourself! Knowing what you value can help you better clarify what you want in life.

See I want you to get clear on what you want and gain self awareness because not only will it make you a better friend, significant other, boss, employee, it will help you make every choice with a sense of inner purpose. It will set you up to really let your uniqueness shine!

By the way, the answer to your sock question, is the sock monster has stolen it or its still stuck to the side of the washer. 


  1. This is a great post, k10!!!! :-) thanks for sharing!

  2. Nothing like starting the weekend with a little self inspection! Loving all the blog posts deary!