Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The first swig is the deepest

This has been a year of change. No, more a few years of roller coaster craziness BUT every moment has been worth it because of where I am today and where I'm going. 

A few years back I had a bit of a quarter life crisis. The kind where your driving down life’s highway, just cruisin’, you see the fork in the road, put on your blinker, and BAM crash into the guard rail, falling through, landing in a pile of crap. (Gross) I lost my way, my path, and myself. That sounds dramatic but if you’ve ever gone through it yourself or know someone who has, its a rough road. For me it felt like I’d lost control of my life and I didn’t recognize myself anymore. I did everything I was “supposed” to do on the road of life but I was still drowning. So I made some really hard choices.  I followed these hard choices with some fast jumps to keep me from dealing with the past. A dash of holding on way too long after I should have let go. A bunch of trying to find myself in other people until finally I found myself laying on the floor of my first ever apartment alone (with my cats. great, crazy cat lady by my mid 20’s).

I didn’t realize at the time, but this was the best thing that could have happened to me. For the first time in my life, I was forced to deal with myself. I had a ton of wonderful friends and family as a support system, don’t get me wrong. Every day though, I came home to myself. When you have ignored yourself and your issues for a long time, your “self” has a lot of bones to pick with you. I did a lot of reflecting and realized that I really didn’t know myself anymore at all. What did I want? What did I value? And the lofty who am I now?

So I took an awesome E-course called “The Declaration of You” and through that got a life coach (The amazeballs, Michelle Ward!). One of the best decisions of my life. She helped me really dig deep and ask some tough questions. This started my journey to redefine my life, to re-evaluate what I value most, and most importantly to start becoming authentically me. 

It has been a long journey but today I can say it has been worth the ride. I know myself better now and I’m working on that every day. I finally learned how to live alone with myself and enjoy it. Then I met a fantastic man who is teaching me just how much you can love another person and be loved in return. I still have my sweet adorable cats and I have a purpose. I know what I value most and I’m working every day on living my life by them, on celebrating all those things that make me authentically me.

I’ve been trying to start this blog for a few years but it took getting to know myself better to finally figure out what I wanted to say and that I actually HAD something to say.
My hope for this blog is that its a place I can share my journey to become a life coach myself. (That’s right, I found it so motivating and it resonated so much with me that I signed up to take classes to become certified myself! ) I also want it to be a place to share inspiration and my love of design with a bit of every day life thrown in too. I hope you’ll come along for the ride, bad 80’s music, cat stories, crazy dance moves, sunshine and all.

P.S. check out those stylin' glasses from when I was kid. (Ironically I have some that are similar now!)


  1. What a Fabulous start to your blog! You have been an inspiration to me for a long time and every day you motivate me to be the best person and best friend I can be. Thank you for that :) You are going to be an amazing life coach!!!!
    P.S. I LOVE that pic of you - spunky from day One! LOVE YOU!

  2. Congratulations on your new blog... and getting here shining brighter than you ever have I'm sure. I have to agree with the other comment, you will be one amazing life coach. All the best to you in every aspect of your life.

  3. Duderina! As one of my students would say, "Good job, baby!" I am so proud of you...keep up the good sunshine :)
    PS: I miss you!

  4. Well done you, what a wonderful journey you're on, and some good things to come by the sound of it! I love that you were so inspired by Michelle that you decided to become a life coach too - a fabulous testimony to her skills! I look forward to getting to know you more through your blog!

  5. Than you so much all of you for the wonderful comments! And for all the support and love everyone has been sending! I'm so overwhelmed with love, gratitude and excitement! this girl is definitely blessed :)