Friday, August 10, 2012

Confession: I Suck At Some Stuff...

...and I'm cool with it.

This week on Danielle Laporte's site, she asked The Burning Question "What do you suck at?" At first that seems like a question better left alone and hidden but I get her point. When you take note of your weaknesses not only do you become more accessible to others (hey you're not perfect either?) but you give your strengths room to grow!

So here we go...

I suck at grammar. Yep, that's right. I write a blog and I suck at grammar. I love reading and writing just not figuring out where the comma goes.  Don't even get me started on a semi colon! Thankfully I have a wonderful editor who I happen to live with who is excellent at it.

I suck at filling the Brita pitcher. This goes WAY back as my parents can attest. I just find it annoying and will use the half sip of water left at the bottom as a reason not to fill it! I think we need to invest in the sink Brita so it filters the water right out of the tap!

I admit I suck at cleaning up cups. See every night I bring a cup of water up to bed. The problem is I forget about them until probably 10 of them prevent me from adding anymore cups. Then I finally bring them all down.

I suck at hiding my emotions. I'm working on this especially in the work environment but when I'm upset or agitated, it shows in my face. However, on the flip side excitement and happiness show too!

I suck at letting things go. If I have a disagreement with someone, I will stew on it until I feel it's finally resolved. Even if I know there is nothing I can do to change it.

I suck at asking for help. It comes from a place of "I can do it all" and a place of "I don't want to burden anyone else". I end up getting myself in situations where I'm over my head and drowning before I finally ask for help and then I feel guilty for asking.

You can work on any of your weaknesses if you want too. I used to suck at taking care of myself and listening to my inner voice. I'm working on that and getting better at it! I will probably never be good at the Brita pitcher or putting cups away but thankfully Tom is here to help  (I have agreed to fold all the laundry if he does the Brita!). Knowing my weaknesses and becoming more aware of them really lets me figure out which ones I want to work on and which ones I want to ask for help on. (ooh who's working on her weaknesses already!)  What about you? What do you suck at? Own it!

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