Friday, August 24, 2012


Have you ever driven home after a long day and realized when you got home that you didn’t remember the drive?  Scary right? 

I just started taking a class on mindfulness. It’s all about being present in the now. It’s about being aware of your surroundings, yourself, and your feelings as they happen. In this world where being a good multitasker is a must, mindfulness is about focus and being in the moment. Being on vacation last week gave me a chance to take a breather and be mindful. I mean, really, when you’re in a beautiful place it’s hard not to be mindful of the gorgeous surroundings! It also gave me the downtime to focus on how my body felt and gave me some time to let my creative juices flow. 

It’s amazing how much being mindful can make a difference. When you are mindful of how you react to things you can then get a better understanding of why you react that way. Say your in a stressful situation, try to be aware of what your feeling in that moment. Don’t judge it or deny it just notice it. Write it down if you have too. Then when you’ve calmed a bit take a moment to think about why you felt that way. Maybe its obvious but really delve in and see if there are any underlying issues you’re bringing to the table.

Be mindful in your relationships. Really notice how you feel around others. Are you happy, light, motivated, sad, full, excited, angry, stressed, put off? Maybe your intuition is telling you something. 

Being present in the moment, being mindful, also lets you open up the creative flood gates. Ever wonder why your best ideas come in the bathroom? or while your driving? When we switch from multitasking everything to focusing on one task our mind finally has a chance to focus. Then poof, break through! 

Try out being mindful today. Notice what’s happening around you, heck you might see something amazing on the way home from work today! Plus it’s Friday! 

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