Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Motivation : Be the Wind

 It has been quite a week since vacation, busy, crazy and full of things to do. I have been in need of some inspiration myself and came across this quote. I couldn't find who said it but it rang so true for me. I have felt like a leaf this week. Blown from one direction to another with what felt like no control.

Taking classes, working, blogging, wedding planning, and still trying to get exercise or "me time" in one day has been taking its tole. I had a great conversation with Tom about how I was feeling overwhelmed and he helped me figure out how to be the wind again. To do that, I'm going to adjust my schedule a bit and work on accepting that I can't always do everything in a day (which is OKAY). I can't control everything but I can control how I react to things. Instead of feeling frustrated that I'm not getting any down time, I'm actively rearranging my schedule to make time. Instead of letting the little things bother me that I can't get too or fix, I'm going to work on adjusting my reaction to them.

I'm going to work on being the wind no matter if it's reactions to people, circumstances, or myself. It's pro-active time folks. No more leaves! Let's all be the wind together!

P.S. is anyone as excited as I am that Fall is almost here? I bought pumpkin spice coffee at the grocery store last week and it has been glorious!

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