Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Motivation


What a whirlwind weekend! I officially got to take a break and then have some serious fun at a friends wedding and a family get together. It was so good to see everyone and make some new friends. Not to mention rocking the dance floor!

I've been really working on keeping up this blog and sharing my journey over the last 3 weeks. I can't ever be sure that its going to resonate with anyone or that I'll have a single person read it. This weekend multiple people who I don't see everyday told me they really enjoy reading my blog! I can't tell you how much that means and how grateful I am to all of you for stopping by and spending a little time with me each week! When you march to the beat of your own drummer you have to expect not everyone will get your rhythm...but when they do, its just the greatest feeling! When you start living for you, and start on your journey, not everyone will understand what your doing or why but stay true to you and believe you will find your marching band!  Just be you, the folks that feel your rhythm will find their way to you!

P.S. Here is a little Monday visual sunshine from the weekend!

Clearly marching to the same crazy drummer!

And a smile to start your week!

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