Thursday, August 23, 2012

Vacation part 1

I promised vacation pics so here is part one! We stayed at the Westin Resort and Casino where everyone was super helpful and really nice!
 This was the sunset our first night there.
It rained just before we landed which provided the gorgeous clouds!
Every day after it was sunny and nice.

Seriously the water was so clear and so perfectly turquoise that Tom and I kept asking each other if it was real! That big blue thing in the middle was once a shore marker with a light on it. Now its a fun thing to jump off for swimmers!

This was the view from our palapa. The sun was hot but the constant breeze and the escape from the heat under the palapa made it perfect!

It is hard to beat a sunset with  beautiful water and palm trees!

In Aruba the word Dushi means sweetheart or "something good."
In the US its slang for something else... Here is Tom's take on that at Dushi Bagels.

We went on a few excursions and one of them was a catamaran ride to snorkel. We also got to Snuba. Which is like scuba but your tank is on a raft at the surface and you only go down 20 feet. Still so cool and we now have pics under water!

This is the bottle of champagne Frank the crazy bellman sent up to us as a surprise for getting engaged. So sweet!

Mr & Mrs Good :)

And we'll end the slide show with me feeling a bit bubbly myself!

Happy Thursday Folks! More images later! 

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