Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Vacation Part 2

Wednesday seems like a good day for round 2 of vacation photos. Call it some visual sunshine!
Here is some sight seeing in Aruba!

This is the Natural Bridge. It's even more beautiful in person 
and incredible that it's totally made by mother nature!

This is me feeding an ostrich! and being slightly afraid of his crazy pecking!

Fantastically, there was a guy selling coconuts! He opened them with a machete so we could drink the juice and then chops it open for you so you can eat the meat too! So cool!

Hiking down to the Natural Pool, Being a tourist in an I love Aruba shirt!

One of the best parts of our sight seeing trip was the Natural Pool. To get there we did some serious off roading in a land rover. So. Much. Fun. See below pic for images of the great crew we were with. The picture above isn't the Natural Pool but its of the pretty sight next too it. It's tough to get a natural pool shot with out a camera that can get wet.

We met some great new friends from our neck of the woods too. We had some delicious Mexican food that night. Here is to the delicious drink called a "Pink Iguana"!

The very last night we were there we had a wonderful dinner on the beach. Beautiful sunset, good food, sand beneath our feet! Couldn't ask for a better way to end a vacation!

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