Monday, September 17, 2012

Even a 5th grader can "Do one thing"

 It's a super exciting Monday Motivation post today! A few weeks back I did this post  about doing one thing to get you closer to your dream or goal. Well, if you didn't do it then, you're gonna want to after reading this!

 My very good friend Christina Mann is an excellent 5th grade teacher at Pocono Mountain School District. She took the "Do One Thing" post and challenged not only herself but her students! She made a bulletin board and asked the students to post one thing they could do to help themselves set the tone for their whole school year. She even put her own up there!

   Here is a bit from Christina herself about her one thing.... "My ONE THING to help set the tone for the whole year was to email all the parents I had contact info for.. For one reason or another, parent communication is always what I see as my weakest teaching skill... I finally made that email a reality this morning and got tons of positive messages back from parents who were glad to be kept "in the loop" :)....from the kids' side, I had many "I will do my homework" cards but lots of others that went outside of the box and made it personal."

This week they start a new board of "Do One Things". I can't wait to see what else they say!

So what is your One Thing going to be today? Because if a 5th grader can do it so can you! What is going to help you set the tone for this week? This month? This year!

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  1. This is so cool! I'm catching up on old blog posts (just finally completely what I had to get done at work before the long weekend!) and I love that your friend and her 5th graders turned your idea into a classroom project! Also love reading the 5th graders' one things: "I will not watch any horror movies for one week." Ha!