Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Weekend Fun

 I hope everyone had a great weekend full of living in the moment!I know I did. It was a weekend full of family, fun, adventure. Tom and I lived in the moment and took a detour that lead us to a fantastic hot dog place on the way to the beach. If you happen to be in Middletown, DE check out DogTown. We had a Coney dog, a Philly dog, and a Memphis dog. All three were delicious! Plus we got some fun pics with the hot dog man. After some fun time with the family on the beach and eating crabs (I could sit and pick crabs for hours), We took a detour to the boardwalk in Ocean City, MD. I haven't been there in years and it was so much fun! We ate Thrashers Fries and Atlantic Stand burgers then rocked some skee ball! We even made a spur of the moment stop to see Tom's family and had some serious laughs about butter noodles and sweater vests. It was such a fun weekend and I really tried to appreciate each moment. I can honestly say I felt lighter by the end of the weekend. I wasn't worrying about all the usual stuff, just enjoying. So how about you? Did you have some adventurous fun?

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