Thursday, October 11, 2012

Middle Fog

So you have had this epiphany, made a decision, set a goal, AND you’ve even been doing your One Thing a day to take steps toward your decision/goal/ new you. The first few weeks you were pumped, just coasting down the highway of “hell yea, I’m super excited and on my way!”  Let me just say way to be you! Rock on!!

It’s a few weeks out now and your resolve is starting to waver a bit. Little excuses to not keep up with your goal are starting to creep in. I can sneak in a brownie bite.  I don’t need to take a class tonight. I can wait another day on that. I’m too tired. My dog ate my homework, yada yada... and before you know it, you’re stuck! You’re in a passion pit, and in the Middle Fog. (Middle Fog- the time between starting a goal and finishing when you can’t see the beginning or the end but your still moving forward)

You’re not throwing in the towel yet though! When you’re feeling stuck, un-motivated and foggy, take a look back on why you started this journey in the first place. What was your goal? What about it got you excited? What is the end result you want to get to? Think back to when you made this choice, what did you feel in that moment? Was it awesome? Were you so motivated you wanted to start right then? (who doesn’t go for a run at midnight?! or start cleaning out closets at 6am?!)  Grab that feeling and let it take you over! Let that feeling push you forward and re-motivate you! Keep moving forward.

The middle of any journey is tough. Its when you need to dig deep and find the will to keep going. If it helps write down all the reasons you started this journey and keep them somewhere you can read them each day. It’s easy to quit but the feeling you're going to get when you reach that goal is going to be beyond words. You really can do this!

P.S. For further motivation take Dory the fish’s advice “Just keep swimming!”

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