Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Motivation

Aka Hurricane Sandy can huff and puff but she can't keep us from enjoying a good cup of joe (yet)! In all seriousness, Monday motivation was delayed today because Tom and I were hurricane prepping this weekend. The wind and rain is picking up and we are hunkered down in our living room with every electronic device that we need charged plugged in! (Hey, if the power goes out at least we'll have a few hours of computers and phones!) To anyone in Sandy's path or with friends or relatives in her path, please be safe! It's not worth risking it to go out there!

This hurricane is scary! Power outages and damages everywhere but as always I'm trying to look at the bright side of things. For me the hurricane means a surprise day off from work. Which I'm incredibly thankful for because I really don't want to risk driving my little car in this. I'm also thankful Tom gets to work from home so I get to spend an extra day with him! I'm catching up on house work, blogging, school work and packing up our place to move! (Which if you know anyone looking for a townhouse in Hatboro, pa, let me know!)

I know we aren't on the coast getting the worst of the storm and I hope all of those there have evacuated or are somewhere safe. I also hope that something good comes from this for everyone, even if its only getting to spend some extra time with your loved ones. Be safe everyone and try to enjoy some part of this day. Sometimes what we need most is downtime! Don't under estimate the power of relaxing!

And if you need a laugh here is Tom sending a message to Sandy!

"You shall not pass!"

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  1. Your storm prep sounds just like ours... we're sitting in the living room surrounded by our charging devices, too! :-) Good luck in the storm.

    Also, I LOVE that picture of Tom the gatekeeper. Awesome!!