Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Visual Sunshine for a Foggy Day

It's a foggy wednesday here in PA today. Though I have to admit that I personally think there is something magical about a grey day in the north east. Being that it's officially Fall now, a grey day means you never know when it could snow! (okay okay yes, its going to be like 80 today, but still! you never know.) It's a sense of anticipation that with a grey days comes so many things I love about this season! Falling beautiful leaves, pumpkin everything, hay rides, fun scarves, crisp air, and it brings us closer to my favorite holiday...Christmas!  Grey days = good things, thats all I'm saying!
However, if you need a little visual sunshine on this foggy grey day check out this video.

It's an app for the iPad and iPhone called Toca Band by Toca Boca. It's for kids but seriously its so much fun for adults too! They also did this amazing music video for it. Seriously, if this doesn't bring some sunshine to your day, I'll eat my own hat!

P.S. seriously considering this as a Halloween costume! And a big thanks to Monica for sharing this awesome video with me!

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