Thursday, October 18, 2012

You are going to get there!

This week has been quite a roller coaster. Tom and I are in the process of buying house!  This is a dream come true for both of us and so exciting. The day after we found out we got the house we both came down with a flu. (yuck) I couldn’t help but feel happy though even while sick. I’m just so happy and “great-full” for this life I’ve been blessed with. 

If there is one thing I wish I could go back in time and tell myself a few years ago its this.. I know things are tough right now. You are at the beginning of a journey and its scary! But girl, there is so much good stuff coming your way! You are going to look back on this time in a few years and not believe how blessed you are! Keep going. Keep taking those little steps, you are going to get there!

Its so hard to see past the tough things that are going on to see the beautiful future that is ahead. How different would you feel during those tough times if you knew in your heart that things were going to get better? What would you have the courage to do if you knew it would work out?

I don’t know where you’re at in life or where you want to go but I do know that if you wake up everyday believing you will get will! You are on your way to the most incredible life! Just keep going!

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