Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Art of the Surprise

There are so many ways to add gratitude to your life but one that I think is less often thought about is showing someone how much you appreciate them. I love surprises and I love surprising the folks I love. Today I thought I'd share some of my favorite ways to surprise others.

1) The hidden note
  This one started when I was little. I loved my grandparents and when they would watch me, I would go about their house and hide little notes. They would have a smiley face or an "I love you" on them in my little kid handwriting. I'd hide them in coat pockets, drawers, books, behind cushions, under plates... anywhere I thought they would find them. My grandma kept these note and gave some of them to me a few years ago. I still smile at the thought.
  I've been a note writer ever since. Tom gets notes in his work shirts, hidden behind his train pass, under his pillow when I'm going to be out of town. Anywhere I think he will find them, even if its not for a few weeks! He leaves me notes now too! I can't tell you how much I love each one.
  If you want to try this grab a post it note, put a smiley face on it or write a little something special. Then think of some place to hide it that the person your hiding it for goes every day. I've even hidden notes in the shower! Get crafty with it! If you go by your significant others car in the morning stick one on the seat or under the wiper! See what fun places you can find to hide them! (you might just find one for yourself!)

2) Snail mail
 I love, love fun stationary! One of my favorite ways to surprise friends who live a bit farther from me is sending fun cards. We get so much junk mail and bills every day, who doesn't love finding a card from a friend! Email may be faster but wouldn't you love to come home from work to a card that says "hey, just thinking of you".

3) The always popular Flowers
 This one is not only for guys to send girls. I send my mom flowers All. The. Time. (If my dad liked flowers, I'd send him some too!) I send them to friends, to anyone I think would like them. Now here is the thing with this, the Internet makes this way easier! I don't go to the expensive "send flowers anywhere" places. I go local BUT I don't always live local. So for example, say your mom/best friend/ sister lives in another state. Ask them for their work address (or if you can ask someone who knows their work address with out directly asking them, even better for the surprise factor!) Then google local flower shops in that area. Find one that delivers where you can order online and BOOM! Your mom/ best friend/girlfriend/grandma won't know what hit her and will be delighted to be appreciated!
    Bonus: Find out what the person's favorite flower is and take it up a notch!
Double Bonus: Please note most if not all girls LOVE getting flowers AT WORK. (Yea, we like to show off a little and it makes any day better when you have flowers to look at!) Please also note you will get major bonus points for flowers that arrive on a Non-holiday. Don't get me wrong we still want them on holidays (sorry charlie) but the Non-holiday flower says "I love and appreciate you just because your in my life."

4) Tasty Tasty Treats
Okay so girls like flowers but what about the guys? Well here is one that works for everyone. One of my favorite treats to send is cupcakes! Generally I use Crumbs cupcakes because I love the design of the site but there are a ton! All of them deliver!
They have themed cupcake sets! Beware you may start drooling on your computer!
Come on chocolate covered strawberries!
This is Tom recommended! If you want to surprise your guy I'm just sayin' this would be it. Hit the link and go order online, then Bar-B-Que. Beware: he may drop down and ask you to marry him for this.

There is no link for this but the last one is Pizza. I have a friend who ordered her husband a pizza while she was on a business trip, in another state! Come on who doesn't love that!

Send someone some love today! Let them know your grateful you are to have them in your life!
You get what you give folks, go give some smiles!

*The awesome snail mail in the photo above is from a very cute little girl named Liliana and her momma. The flowers were from Tom!


  1. Very sweet! What a nice way to start the morning!

  2. I LOVE the hidden note idea! I used to do this for Matt when I was going out of town. One time I actually left a note AND a king-sized Toblerone under his pillow and then I remember being so worried that he would just go to sleep and it would melt all over the bed. Luckily he found it easily and was pleasantly surprised. :-)