Thursday, December 6, 2012

Grati-Vember Recap

I’m a little behind on end of Grati-vember post but better late than never! This month has been a whirlwind. I can hardly believe that its december already! This grati-Vember was one for the books.Not only chocked full of things to be great-full for but full of some lessons too. So to honor the end of the month and to help keep gratitude as a practice all year long here are the top 5 things I’m great-full for right now.

1) The chance to be loved unconditionally and fully by another person and the opportunity to give that love back. It’s not every day you meet someone who accepts you for exactly who you are, the good, the flaws the everything. It’s not always easy to give that kind of love back but it’s so worth it to give it all you have!

2) Very Family that has been there since the beginning and has stayed with you through it all loving you every minute. Family that is is new and accepts you into their ranks as though you’d always been there. Not to mention, family that you choose aka the friends who become your second family, who you love just as much.

3) Self Love. It took me a long time to understand the importance of getting to know yourself and learning to love that person as unconditionally as you would another person. It’s still something I work on every day but just being able to recognize it’s importance and work on it in myself, is a blessing on its own. It’s the first step too!

4) The basics. Im great-full for a roof over my head, water, food, and to be alive. With the aftermath of hurricane sandy being so close to home it brings to light the things we tend to take for granted every day. Just being safe, warm, dry, and having the people I love be safe too is something to be extremely great-full about.

5) The option to make choices. Like the monday motivation post said.. This is your life. I’m great-full to be able to make choices for my life that are right for me. This simple thing isn’t something that everyone has! It could be due to the society they live in, the country, their gender, the people around them, or just a lack of knowledge. Don’t take you chance to make your life what you want it for granted. This is your life and BONUS you get to make choices! Now if that’s not something to be great-full for well I’ll eat my own hat!

Happy Grati-Vember folks! Let’s keep this gratitude going all year!

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