Monday, November 25, 2013

It's the beginning...

Ladies and Gentlemen... today is a big, BIG day! It's a beginning and an ending. This is going to be the last post on Swig O Sunshine because today is the first post on my new blogging and coaching website,

Thank you for all the time you've spent with me here. I have loved working on this blog so much but now its time to make a fresh start and take on a new chapter. I'll be writing about a lot of the same things but with a new focus and drive. So please come join me on this journey at Follow Your Arrow and see what I've been up to behind the scenes!

It's time to get unstuck and move forward folks!

Much Love!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday Motivation : Grati-vember

Hello Sunshiners! I thought it was about time I did a real update post and since it's the start of 
Grati-vember, I figured what better time?! This year is just flying by and I am grateful for so much! I haven't posted much lately and that's for a lot of reasons but one of the big ones is... I'm getting ready to launch my new coaching website and blog. That's right folks! I am getting ready to graduate my coach training and launch my coaching practice! Swig O Sunshine will soon have a new home! I'm hoping to have a solid launch date for you soon but for now just know that behind the scenes I'm working like crazy to get some awesome new blog content and coaching packages for you! 

In the mean time, let's celebrate this month with all the things that make your world sing. What lights you up? What is just makin' you do a happy dance in your mind? I'll tell you for me it's getting close to the end of an 18 month coaching course and feeling in my bones that I am going to make this business work. It's been a process and it's not always easy but it's going to be so worth it! It's support, love, and new hair color. (It's cherry red and blonde now! As a friend said, almost a grown up strawberry shortcake) Things are moving and I can feel in my gut that things are starting to change and move. It's scary and so exciting! I can't wait to share with you all I've been working on! Now it's your turn, what are you grateful for?!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday Motivation

Hi everyone! Tom and I are back from our honeymoon and getting back to normal life after wedding craziness! I'll post pics from both the wedding and honeymoon later but for now know it was an amazing day and trip. Seriously, the amount of love and gratitude we both feel is just overwhelming. In light of working on getting back to normal, I am going to work on getting back to blogging. yea! Today's Monday motivation is for all of you working towards something and feeling like you can't make it another step. Yes, you can! I took a spin class for the first time in years last weekend. The instructor was awesome and during a particularly trying part (you know when your legs feel like they are disconnecting from your body and you can't pedal anymore) she said "Yes, you can!" In that moment that was exactly what I needed to hear and I pedaled!  It was the way she said it too. Not just "yes, you can class" but "YES, you can!"  I finished that class and felt so good after. The kind of good that comes from accomplishing something you weren't sure you could. So today and this week, whatever your working on, going through, or working out just remember...YES, you can!

Friday, June 14, 2013

You're exactly where you need to be

A random thought... What if every experience you’ve had was meant to lead you to this moment? The good, the bad, the confusing. What if you needed to go through all of them so you could be where you are today? What if those experiences gave you just the right tools to move forward in whatever is coming to you next? 

Let’s say your looking for Mr./Mrs. Right and all you’re finding is Mr./Mrs. Okay, or Right Now, or Sooo Wrong. Have you ever thought that maybe you needed to go through those relationships so you could be ready for Mr. Right? So that you will recognize Mr./Mrs. Right? I mean how do you know what you want if you don’t know what you don’t want? (Did ya follow that?)

What about that perfect job that you have been searching for? The one you have now is okay or maybe really crappy or just not the right thing. Well, what if you are learning just the right skills for the next opportunity? Or what if you are making just the right connections to that one person that is ready to offer you something new?

How would you think differently about your circumstances if you knew they were leading you exactly where you want to go? What can you learn or take away from where you are right now?

This theme keeps coming back to me lately. It’s probably because I’ve been doing a lot of self reflection but it’s even coming up in chats with others so I thought I’d share it with you in case you’ve been thinking it too. 

The universe is always helping you get somewhere. Have faith in the process. You're exactly where you need to be.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Good night Twenties

It’s the final eve on my twenties and I can’t help but do a  little reflecting. We had some seriously good times together me and my twenties, and some not so great ones that we learned a lot from.  I mean in general how crazy is it to reach 30? I know the 7 year old version of me would say “that’s so old!” but now approaching 30, I feel neither that it’s old or that I am. Though I do feel wiser. *wink, smile*

I feel like the twenties are a weird age. Great but weird. You’re learning to be an adult but still feel like a kid. Which is also why I’m totally excited for my 30’s! I’ve figured some stuff out by now and most importantly feel as though I have a pretty good grasp of who I am, who I want to be., and where I want to go. I mean, of course, I don’t have it all figured out but I feel way more comfy in my skin than I did a few years ago. What have I figured out? well here are just a few things, my twenties have taught me...

- You gotta listen to your gut. In both eating and intuition. when you’re full, stop and when your instinct tells you something, listen.

- You can love someone completely and still have to break their heart so that you can keep from breaking yourself. (This one is tough, and will take a while to work through if you have to learn it)

- You will love again.

- Don’t accept less than you deserve in a relationship because if you do, you’re settling and blocking your perfect person from finding you.

- Don’t drink the water in Mexico unless you live in Mexico. Just trust me. Don’t get ice in your drink either unless you know where the water came from to make it!

- Travel. It will open your mind.

- Love more, gossip less.

- Snuggling someone you love or a pet makes everything better.

- Adopt an animal, they will save your life.

- Spend time with yourself. How else will you get to know who you are?

- Care about yourself as if you were someone you love more than the world, because if you don’t take care of yourself first, you won’t have much to give to anyone else.

- Boston cream donuts, wacky cake, & french fry pizza are amazing.

- Be greatful. Always. It only brings more things to be greatful for!

- Take one step each day towards your dreams. There is never a right time to start so just start. 

- Figure out how to forgive things that happened in the past. You probably grew from the experience anyway and holding on to that anger isn’t healthy. Don’t drag in into the future with you. It’s not forgive and forget. It’s forgive, learn, and let go. 

- When you hit rock bottom, cry it out. Then know that the only way to go is up!

- Love with everything you have!

- Go to Disney World and ride in the front seat of the front car of space mountain. It’s so awesome. Then hit the Tiki Room. You’ll feel like you’re 5 again in no time!

- Be silly and have fun. 

- Take all advice with a grain of salt and listen to the ones that resonate with you.

- Exercise but do it in a fun way. It really does help ya live longer.

- Your thoughts control most of what comes into your life. So think good things!

- There is always another way.

- Talk to your grandma, she has some really cool stories and she won't be around forever. Plus she probably makes some fantastic angel food cake.

- Coffee. Need I say more? It starts your day, it says' "let's sit down and chat", it's a quiet moment to yourself, it's a celebration and it's delicious.

For me the thirties is about making choices for me. It's no longer about figuring out how I fit into this world. It's about owning my unique spirit and bringing that full on into the universe. It's no longer making choices for what others will say but making choices because it's right for me. That is probably the biggest lesson I learned in my twenties. 

"Make choices that are right for you. Listen to you're inner guidance system. Sometimes they are gonna be easy choices and sometimes they are going to be the hardest thing in the world but nothing and I mean nothing beats a life lived true to one's self. When you start doing that, the most miraculous things will show up! "

Twenties, We had some awesome times that I am never going to forget. Thanks for teaching me so much and sendign me so many awesome people. Now let’s go start a new chapter, learn some new things, and rock the thirties.

Have a fantastic tuesday folks! Feel free celebrate turnin' thirty with me today by doing something awesome for you! And leave me a comment with what you've learned so far! Any advice for a 30 year old??


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Post- Surgery

There is nothing exciting about getting your gall bladder removed however it does provide you with some unique perspective on your life. I had surgery last thursday for lazy gall bladder that didn’t feel much like functioning and would rather upset my stomach than do it’s job. So I gave it the old kibosh! The hospital staff, nurses, and doctors were all just wonderful but the best support came from family and friends. Not to mention, my fantastic “in house nurse”  Tom. Seriously guys, he took one for the team!  

 The surgery it self is laproscopic so I only have 4 small incisions. The biggest is about an inch long. It blows my mind how they can do all that work through 4 tiny holes! (If you want to know more abut how it’s done google it. There are even cartoon videos) It’s still major surgery since they ARE actually removing an organ but the recovery time is only about a week.

  Recovering has it’s ups and downs. If you’ve ever had surgery of any kind I’m sure you have some idea of how it goes. Each day is better or worse depending on the stage of healing and your reaction to meds. (Note, Percocet and I are no longer friends and naps are encouraged) All in all though, I am on the mend and looking at the bright side because having surgery has given me a unique chance to be out of my normal routine.  No, it’s not all fun games but it is quiet time to reflect on what’s happening, on my goals, on where I am heading, on what I want. It’s down time with my fiancĂ© and our menagerie of animals. (There was a rare triple snuggle with 2 cats, 2 humans, and 1 dog all squeezed on a queen size bed.) It’s time to hear myself think for a bit with out distractions. It’s been nice just reading a book without the TV on in the back ground. 

It feels like I’m regaining my health and my mental strength at the same time. I swear european countries who give there employees 6 weeks sabbaticals have got the right of it. Having time off helps your mind take a vacation so you can bring more creativity and vibrance to your life or whatever your working on! It’s why we give kids the summer off, so they can recharge their over loaded brains and come back ready to learn more. I mean your brain needs a break just like your muscles do when you work them out really hard. So why are we so reluctant to use our vacation time or give it out if your a boss? (you’re employees will come back with even better ideas!) I'm very greatful to work for a company that does value time off!  What’s wrong with saying, I need a mental health day so I can come back refreshed and with new perspective?

 I vote we start taking vacation days and hearing our own minds again. We start spending a day doing “frivolous” thing we don’t allow ourselves to do on a normal day. Let’s paint, garden, draw, dance, sing, play a game, bake a cookie, or simply allow ourselves the space to just.. Be. I’m recovering from surgery and in allowing myself time to do that, I’m gaining more back than just a functioning body. No guilt, just healing. 

Give yourself time off to just be you. I can promise you won’t regret it.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Spring cleaning of the mind

I have been doing a lot of self reflection lately and I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to reprioritize. I love this blog and I am so thankful to everyone who reads it but for the moment I have to take a small break from it. Not because I’m tired of writing it but because I feel guilty about not posting as much as I would like. Things are still amped up over here and with the wedding being around the corner my focus is shifting. It needs to. I have a bit of superwoman syndrome. Yes, I can do it all and not get tired or have a mental break down. I can plan the wedding, do school, write the blog, rock puppy training class, work my ass off, work out, keep my relationship going strong, and make all the parties, lunches ect that I’m invited too. Who can’t? (duh, just kidding) I’m exhausted and feeling more drained than I want to admit. I need a recharge and a change up.So I’m admitting it. I can't do it all and you know what... I don’t want to. I want to be able to focus so I have to lighten my mental load. That being said, I’m not leaving you high and dry here, I’m just cutting back. I’m not going to let myself feel guilty about it either  ( you have to ask for what you need right?) and I hope you won’t hold it against me! (I’d understand if you had to take a break!) I’m still going to post, hopefully once to twice a week but if I can’t just know I’ll be back. 

I feel a change coming. I can feel my dreams are getting closer.  I’m at the crest of the wave and its time to dig deep. So I’m doing it. What will I be doing while not writing as much here? Getting a new website ready for you and getting ready to debut my coaching practice! I can’t give any details yet but I am super excited about it and can’t wait til I can share it with you! Not to mention getting married! You can bet there will be some photos coming your way! 

So in the mean time, I’ll send as much sunshine as I can! You keep on keepin’ on and I will be back bigger and badder than ever soon!

PS feel free to join me in this spring cleaning of the mind! How are the priorities in your life lookin?

Friday, April 26, 2013

Get yourself a hero

You may be able to tell that it's gettin' busy over here again. There is so much good stuff happening including not one but TWO new coaching clients. I'm really REALLY excited to flex some coaching muscles with these two super exciting clients. Not to mention getting my required coaching hours for graduation!  It's a little bit chaos over here but isn't that always part of change?!

So today I'm bringing you a special guest post from my very good friend Christina Mann. This lady is changing the world one fifth grader at a time. Seriously, I love her passion and wish I had had her as a teacher growing up! You may recall this post about students "Doing One Thing" to start their school year out right. Seriously, how cool is that?! Today she's sharing her thought on why you need to get yourself a hero....


"Kids today..." 
That sentence starter could be finished a million ways, but I bet your brain tends to go in a negative direction. It's sad, isn't it? I've been teaching for 8 years now. I love my job and my kids, but even my brain has a hard time automatically thinking of something optimistic.

Well here's one thought that I can't shake after seeing the movie "42": kids today need a hero. Jackie Robinson was a hero. Jackie Robinson was everything I dream for my young men to accomplish.

Fifth graders think they are so tough. They are eleven years old. They are sassy. They are rebellious. They want to test the limits. They want to prove themselves. And of course they should be doing all of those things, but who is guiding them? Let’s assume they all have wonderful stable families with fantastic mother and father role models. (The vast majority of mine lack that.) Who wants to be just like their parents at age 10-11? They need someone to look up to, a modern day hero. Forgive me for being pessimistic but I think our country is coming up short on amazing role models these days. You may argue and throw out names of some impressive sports figures, and I hope you can, (I’m a huge fan of Jimmy Rollins) but none make quite the impact as Jackie Robinson.

So what do we do about this? Sit back and be disappointed that "Kids today don't have any good role models..." No. At least that's not my plan. I realized, as I often do, that if you want something, you have to go out and get it! This is where my fantastic career comes in... I can stand in that gap and bring Jackie to them. So, for the next few weeks, I plan to sneak in some Jackie Robinson whenever possible. I’ll teach the curriculum, and I won’t make them sick of him, but I will make sure they appreciate the wonder of a man who held himself to the highest standard of integrity in the face of such disgraceful opposition. Maybe they’ll even think twice next time they want to complain about how tough life is in the big bad world of fifth grade. 

By now you may be thinking, “Well that's real nice bit I'm not a teacher and I don't know anyone who needs Jackie Robinson.”

Okay, I know, but maybe you need a hero too – a little inspiration to make it through your next obstacle. And you know what? A hero isn’t always going to jump out at you, because they don’t usually work that way. So are you going to wait around until you spot one? No, you're not! You're going to go out and find one. Who inspires you? Go learn about them. Go out and get that inspiration. I find that Wiki and YouTube are sneaky little resources for this kind of inspiration. (Kid President, anyone? haha) 

Find someone who sets the bar higher than you ever have and make that your new mark. 

Get yourself a hero; make your hero proud.

-Christina Mann

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Shine On

I'm feeling really blessed lately. I started with a new coach through ICA and she's awesome. She's really helping me tap into my inner self and intuition. We're getting spiritual folks so bear with me for a moment. She's helping me work on visualizing. Now if you're saying "aren't you a designer? shouldn't you know how to visualize?" well I am and I do but this is a different kind. This is the kind that looks deep and opens up your soul. Deep right? I know. If this scares you or turns you off as too hippy dippy that's okay but let me say its lighting me up form the inside.  That's how I want to live! Lit up like a Christmas tree from the inside!

Have you ever read the book Stardust by Neil Gaiman? The movie is good too and I highly recommend both. In the book, a star falls and when it hits Earth becomes a woman named Yvaine. (pronounced Evaine). When her heart is full she shines so brightly (as a star does). THAT is how I want to feel and how I want all of you to feel too!  I want to shine people! I want us all to find the thing that lights us up inside and live it every day. THAT'S why I'm becoming a life coach. I want to cover the Earth with stars, shining their light and happiness where ever they go!

So here is a little visualization that is helping me open up my world. It only takes a minute. In the morning, when you first wake up or in the shower close your eye's and imagine your self standing in front of a room. Walk in the room and turn on the light. Simple, right? You are literally turning on the light in your world. You are starting the day by saying I am choosing to turn the light on in my life. The other interesting thing to take note of is, whats in the room when you turn it on? Every time I do this the room changes and sometimes its not even a room when I turn the light on!

This visualization is attracting some amazing stuff to my life and world. Give it a try and if you do leave me a comment with what you see and if it starts to bring some new things to your world!

Let's shine together!

“What do stars do? They shine.” 

Friday, April 5, 2013

Takin' the road to awesome

It's friday people! I can't believe I've only just seen this video but is the greatest pep talk ever! You need to watch this! So many good quotes from this! "Be gooder people" "I wanna take the road to awesome" "Let's get the whole world to dance!"

I couldn't say it better Kid President! I got air comin' through my nose and I'm gonna create some awesomer stuff for the world.

Let's dance everyone!! Happy friday!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Gettin' a little sappy for a good reason

Today is quite a special day. It’s Good Friday, the start of a holiday weekend, a vacation day from work AND most importantly it’s the day my magnificent mom was born!  

So much of who I am comes directly from my mom.  From the day I was born she has been my constant. When I was little, she read me books before bed until SHE fell asleep. She frequently locked the Monkees and/or the Ghostbusters IN my closet because they were making so much noise I couldn’t sleep. She tolerated HOURS of watching Mary Poppins. (yes, I can still quote the movie and yes, it’s still one of my favorites.)  She washed and sewed up my favorite bunny, Fuzzy, more times than I can count. (I still have him to this day and I will be 30 in June, don’t judge) She has been there for every bump, scrape and bruise literally and figuratively along the way. 

My mom has given me so much but I think one of her greatest gifts is her love for my family. It’s the little things she does to show us all how much she cares. A clean house, coming home from college to her having done your laundry. A phone call every day just to check in and see how you are doing. Cards for each holiday and sometimes just to say hi. Text messages just to say have a wonderful day. Sunday morning breakfasts complete with frisbee sized pancakes. (seriously, this woman needs her own pancake house, you would be amazed!) It’s the hugs she gives freely and the way she signs my name with a heart over the “i”. It’s in how she takes time to put up pictures of all of us and our friends. Tom and I had only been dating a few months and when I brought him home for maybe the second time, she already had photos of us together on the fridge!  She just makes everyone feel welcome.

You know when I was watching the Brene Brown talk last sunday, she talked about the greatest gift a  parent's can give their children is to let them know that you see them and love them for who they are and that they belong. That resonated so much with me because that’s exactly what my mom does. She see’s me for who I really am and I know with out a shadow of a doubt that I belong. I am loved and I belong. Sometimes in life that is all you need to know to keep going. 

My mom is one of my hero’s. She is my best friend, my greatest supporter, my shopping buddy, coffee pal and one of my best teachers. There is just no way to put into words how grateful I am to have her as a mom. So mom, Happy Birthday from one of your greatest admirers. I love you more than words and I can’t wait to celebrate with you this weekend! 

Son of a nutcracker! Let’s drink some wine! :)

Happy friday everyone, now go hug someone you love!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Motivation

Today's motivation is from a new singer/song writer, Kacey Musgraves. A friend of mine introduced me to her and I just love her music. This lyric is from the song "Silver Lining".

This is a live version of her song but check out her new album on iTunes!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Triple Snuggle Sunday

What a Sunday! I knew today was going to be a good day because it started with the rare “triple snuggle.” 

Triple snuggle: when your queen size bed is full because not only are you and your significant other sleeping in on a lazy sunday but so are your 3 pets.

How does this look? It starts with a puppy between the two of you sleeping belly up, snoring like a freight train. Then add a 23 pound cat sleeping between your knee’s, sprawled out as far as he can go on his side. Finally end with a 16 pound cat snuggled in the crook of your left arm, purring as loud as possible. I could get annoyed about all the warm bodies and noise but I just feel so loved in these moments. They just love us and want to be near by. We are one crazy pack but its a pack of love. Even as I write this I’m getting snuggled by 2 of the 3. It’s just the sweetest thing.

Keeping this theme of lovey dovey sunday. I watched today’s episode of Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. If you don’t know about this program yet check out the website here. She interviews todays spiritual leaders and it’s just eye opening.  Today’s episode was with one of my favorite author’s, Brene Brown. I know I’ve mentioned her before and I’m so excited Oprah interviewed her. Here is part of her bio from her website.... BrenĂ© Brown, Ph.D., LMSW has spent the past decade studying vulnerability, courage, worthiness and shame.

Tough topics, right? For me, one’s that hit close to home and I think need to be talked about more. If you get a chance, watch the first part of the interview here. If you don’t have an ah-ha moment yourself, I will be surprised! 

There were so many parts that resonated with me that I have a feeling you’re gonna see a ton of quotes coming from these interviews! So much inspiration! I’m working on figuring out my coaching niche and what I want my practice to be about.  Todays’ Super Soul Sunday is really helping me get clear on it! Here is just one of the quote’s that resonated with me...

 “In the absence of love and belonging there will always be suffering.” -Brene Brown

Does that hit you too? Love and belonging. That’s what we are looking for, what we need to feel whole. I am loved and I belong. 

She went on to say that what we all want is to be seen and heard. Really seen and heard. We have so many “light” relationships these days. Yet, it’s the people who really get us, really see who we are, really take the time to know us, and love us for that person, that mean the most. I want to spend my time with those people. They are truly gifts. I think I am blessed with folks like this in my life and I am just starting to really understand how amazing that is!

So here is to lazy Sunday’s with Triple snuggles, love, belonging, and bacon...Because bacon is for Sundays!

Friday, March 22, 2013


It’s friday. Pull up a chair and let’s catch up. Or rather I’ll catch you up on life around here! It’s been quiet on the blog for a while now. There has just been so much happening behind the scenes here that needed my focus. I have to admit, I’ve been avoiding the blog a bit. (eek) Sounds crazy right? but see I felt guilty about not writing and I have to admit I’ve had writers block for a while now. Things were just flowing out of me when I started the blog. I mean I had a journal with me at all times because ideas were just flying out of my head. bam, bang, boom! Then life got busier and I’ve been struggling to keep it all together ever since. 

Stress got me. Between work during the day, classes at night, coaching, wedding planning, and one adorable puppy. I just lost it.  I’m a recovering perfectionist. I want to do it all and be perfect at it. The list in my head read like this: have a spotlessly clean house, provide rockin ideas at work, write amazing blog content,  give great coaching, have a perfectly behaved puppy (try making that happen), spend quality time with Tom, get exercise, eat healthy, oh yea and try to sleep somewhere in there too. I was over stressed, over whelmed, and my head was so full of what I needed to do that it blocked any and all creativity. I was just trying to get through each day, to get to the weekend, so I could actually relax for a few minutes. I was agitated because I wasn’t getting any “take care of me” time and becoming angrier by the second. I was sick of myself! Everything was priority so nothing was therefore not much was getting done. I needed a change!

I’m a big believer in the power of thought. I kid you not the week I felt like I was really going down I found out I won a session with my favorite coach, Michelle Ward, the When I Grow Up Coach. Ask and ye shall receive says the universe! Michelle helped me re-prioritize and get my head back in the game. The next day I decided I wasn’t going to be unhappy anymore. I had so much to be thankful for and so many great things happening that it was ridiculous to let stress take away my happiness. So the next day I woke up and set the intention to Be Happy. No matter what happened that day! If something happened that started to set me down the grumpy gills path I started counting all the things that I was greatful for and you know what? That was the first day in a while, that I came home and said to Tom “ you know what, it was crazy today but I feel really good” 

Gratitude. Ain’t nobody NOT got time for dat. (If you don’t get that joke, go look up sweet brown right now!)

Everyday since I’ve been feeling better and better. Now I’m not saying thats the only thing that changed. Ganon is growing so fast and learning even faster. We aren’t totally potty trained but we don’t have to watch him liek hawks anymore either. Puppy daycare has been a God send too! (Seriously, I can’t say enough good things about it.) I started with a new peer coach, who is wonderful! Work has started to calm a bit and dear Lord thank you for daylight savings time! I need the sun, people!!

The biggest change though... my attitude, my perception of things. It’s like having a bunch of glasses with different color lenses. Say you’ve been wearing your green colored lenses for a while. Eventually you start to think everything is tinted green. You forget you have glasses on even! It seems like nothing will ever change color! Then you remember, oh right, I have rose color glasses too! You change your perception of things.  I needed to look at what was going on in life differently. I needed to see I wasn’t stuck, or under water. Things were changing and still are. It was just the in-between!

I needed to get over the guilt of not being perfect either. Perfectionism is for the birds. (Actually, I doubt they care!) Its EXHAUSTING trying to be perfect and the reality is, folks would rather you just be you anyway. No one is perfect. People forget things. They leave dishes in the sink and mail on the counter.  They get stressed and things fall through the cracks. Its life. It will get better. I felt guilty about not writing on the blog, as though I was letting everyone down and more importantly myself down. I realized though that if I wasn’t living life and going through “stuff” I wouldn't have anything to write about anyway. You have to practice what you preach and the last few months gave me plenty of time to practice!

If you’re having a stressful patch right now too. Hang in there, I swear it’s gonna get better! Sometimes you have to go through the opposite of what you want to be able to appreciate the thing you want when you get them. In the mean time, try on some new glasses and remember it’s not’s just for now!

Alright, now let’s go spike our coffee with Bailey’s! Hey, It’s friday!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The luck of the Irish to ye!

 Why can't you borrow money from a leprechaun? 
 Because they're always a little short. 

Friday, March 15, 2013


"I am one of the searchers.
There are, I believe, millions of us. We are not unhappy, but neither are we really content. We continue to explore life, hoping to uncover its ultimate secret. We continue to explore ourselves, hoping to understand.
We like to walk along the beach, we are drawn by the ocean, taken by its power, its unceasing motion, its mystery and unspeakable beauty. We like forests and mountains, deserts and hidden rivers, and the lonely cities as well. Our sadness is as much a part of our lives as is our laughter. To share our sadness with one we love is perhaps as great a joy as we can know – unless it be to share our laughter.
We searchers are ambitious only for life itself, for everything beautiful it can provide. Most of all we love and want to be loved. We want to live in a relationship that will not impede our wandering, nor prevent our search, nor lock us in prison walls; that will take us for what little we have to give. We do not want to prove ourselves to another or compete for love.
For wanderers, dreamers, and lovers, for lonely men and women who dare to ask of life everything good and beautiful. It is for those who are too gentle to live among wolves."

James Kavanaugh

 Earlier this week a lovely virtual friend of mine ( aka a friend you've met through online classes but never actually met!) Kerilyn Russo, of Married to a Chef, posted this wonderful quote on her last post on the website called I highly recommend checking out the full post here. I felt an instant connection to her words and this quote. I am a searcher. I have always been even as a child. I want to experience the world around me and see all the beauty it has to offer. Then offer it in return. I found the person that lets me have my wanderings but is always my grounding home. We are gentle souls who develop thick skins to live in the realm of wolves. I am beyond excited find there are more of us out there!

It's friday lovelies.... what could be more beautiful than that! Wander on!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday Motivation

The spring is finally arriving and along with it the return of more sunshine! I don't know about you but by this time of the year I am fully feeling the seasonal "blues". Today was a beautiful 55 degrees with abundant sunshine. To celebrate Tom and I took our pup, Ganon, to beautiful Valley Forge National Park. We walked around in the sunshine and watched tons of others doing the same. Flying kites, having picnics, riding bikes, and basking in the glorious sun. In that moment, sitting on the grass, feeling the sun on my face, I felt free and blissfully happy. We all did! All the worries and stresses just melted away and life seemed simpler. The winter is leaving and new life is coming with the spring. (We even have flowers popping up in our garden!) I want to carry that feeling of bliss, of hope, of newness, of change with me into this week. I am choosing to be happy and am determined to keep it going no matter what happens. What are you going to make up your mind about this week?

Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Motivation

  I’m sitting here in my living room just reveling in an excellent weekend that was just exactly what I have been needing and not at all what we had planned for the weekend. This weekend had plans to go places and do things with fantastic folks but sadly due to unforeseen circumstances the plans fell through. What came out of that though was a beautiful weekend spent at home relaxing and getting some projects done.
 As I’m sure you can tell by how quiet the blog has been that things are super busy over here. This weekend was the first weekend in a long time where I finally felt like I caught up.  We ran errands, cleaned, and built some amazing book shelves for our living room. Tom can now be called Tom “the tool man Taylor”.  Seriously, he amazed me with his skills! Then we ended the weekend with sunday funday dinner with some great friends and the oscars. All of this left me thinking that sometimes the unexpected plans are exactly what you need. I was super bummed that our original plans didn't work out but we had a beautiful unexpected weekend.
  This weekend was also the first weekend where our very sweet puppy was able to go to puppy daycare on a saturday (aka super tired and we got to run errands). It is also the first weekend where he made stellar progress in potty training. This little guy is amazing but I have to tell anyone looking to get a puppy, It. Is. Work. Its so beyond worth it but think about it as bringing home an infant but no maternity leave! We just hit the 3 month mark with him and it is such a big change from when we got him at eight weeks. He now knows how to sit, lay down, leave it, and go potty outside. Unless he is super excited and then all bets are off! Seriously, we are all learning each other. Ganon is learning what we expect/want of him and we are learning what he needs and his signals. We are also learning when he is crying for a reason and when he just wants a biscuit. All of this is to say, I’m still here and am hoping to start getting more posts up now that things are starting to calm a bit on the home front. So Stay tuned and if you’re going through a crazy busy time right now, hang in there, it’s going to get better! And if you are potty training a puppy, I feel ya, and go buy some more paper towels!

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Art of the Surprise : Valentine's Edition

I know it's Monday Motivation day but I wanted to get this post in with enough time for folks to be able to use it! 

I know some folks find Valentine’s day cliche but I think its a great day to tell someone you care and it features my favorite color, red!   Now if you are single and are getting ready to do some serious hating on this day let me just put out there that it’s not all about a significant other. You can send love to a best friend, mom, dad, sibling, or dare I say, yourself! So here are a few thoughts on some Valentine’s day surprises!

The co-worker surprise:
You work with some great folks or maybe a great person, why not do something to bring them some cheer on valentines day! How about surprising them their favorite coffee as a “thanks for being so awesome.”  Or for a group, hit up your favorite donut/bagel/ or soft pretzel shop. Bring in a bunch for everyone! Don’t forget homemade cookies go a long way too!

The best friend:
There are so many options here! How about best friend flowers to work? or if you are both single, a mani/pedi date after work? Or if your a dude, go grab some burgers and beer! Don’t forget that sometimes a little note telling them you appreciate them is better  than anything! 

The Mom:
Well now, I think flowers are pretty obvious here but bonus if you know her favorite  flower or send flowers in her favorite color. You could also make her dinner for a change! A home made card or surprise visit to say hi could works too. (just make sure your dad isn’t planning a surprise too!) You could get your favorite photo of you two printed and framed for her. 

The Dad:
I know dad’s aren’t usually so into valentines day but hey who wouldn’t like a surprise 6 pack of his favorite beer? or a surprise lunch at his favorite sandwich place? If your dad is a little more sentimental, the favorite photo could work here too. 

The significant other:

Alright lets get into this, Im not going to state the obvious so here are some options beyond the usual (which let me just say, there is nothing wrong with flowers and candy and dinner!)

- Balloons. Instead of a bouquet of flowers, how about a bouquet of balloons! How fun would that be? They come in just about every color and last just as long as flowers! And if you are looking for flashy in the office, no one will miss a giant bouquet of balloons!

- So lets say you just got 3 feet of snow (I’m talking to you Boston!) Grab some red food coloring, some spray chalk, or cake decorating spray and leave a surprise message for your significant other in the snow? No snow? Get kiddie with it, grab that side walk chalk and go to town! If your significant other wouldn't mind, grab some window paint (removable) and leave them a message on their car. 

- Speaking of secret messages, this is a a prime day for it. Leave a note in their lunch, on their car, mail it to their work a few days before, or stick a post it note in the shower! If you really want to get creative, cover a whole room in notes all saying reasons you love them! How about a note for each hour of the day? Put them in envelopes marked with the time they can open them!

- How about a scavenger hunt? Leave notes with clues to where the next note is. Maybe they are places that are special to the two of you, then end it at your place with a candle light dinner of their favorite meal waiting! Bonus play a few slow jams and dance like you are in middle school again. Okay maybe a little closer than that!

- Got a music lover, how about surprise tickets to see a group they love?

- Got a dessert lover, you could have a dessert picnic! a smorgasbord of delicious treats on a blanket by a fire? or if you live near a beach, hey built in beautiful sunset!

- What about a couples massage! You both end up super relaxed!

Now let’s say you are single, don’t forget to treat yourself then! Do any or all of these for yourself! Get a massage, eat your fav dessert, get your nails or hair done, just celebrate you! Because you are freakin awesome!

Here is the thing folks, Valentine’s day is just another day but taking a minute to send some love to someone or yourself can only bring good things your way! So send some love, get some cheesy cards, heck get some kids valentines and pass them out to strangers if you want! Have fun with it! The world needs some more smiles!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday Motivation!

When you are feeling lost just remember that feeling lost
may actually be the universe helping you find a better path.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Motivation

As you can tell it's a little light over here on the blog this week. There is a small adorable fluff ball keeping us pretty busy and tired! More updates soon but in the mean time if a 9 week old puppy can learn to pee outside, YOU can accomplish your dreams too!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Motivation

This is our new pup, Ganon. Get ready for some posts on pups! He is teaching us just as much as we are trying to teach him. Can you imagine only being in the world for eight weeks? How exciting would everything around you be?

Friday, January 11, 2013

Go ahead, change your mind!

A few words on changing your mind. It’s. Okay.

Okay, well, I guess that was only 2 words! It works though. 

I know everyone is setting goals and making fresh resolutions with the New Year. As an aspiring coach, I love this! Yes! Go for what you want! Live your best life! Cross off things on your bucket list! Do it all!’s okay to change your mind. 

Being a coach is all about clarifying what you want in life and sometimes part of that is knowing when what you think you want isn’t what you really want. You pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down?  When you set a goal, make a decision, choose what road to turn down, sometimes you realize, Woah, this isn’t right for me! But now you’ve committed to this goal/dream/decision/job and told all your friends and family about it. So now your gut says “this isn’t right” but your head says “well, If I quit now it will look bad”. The truth is, it’s okay and it doesn’t matter what others think as long as you are doing what is right for you. You know better than anyone what is right for you and the more you clarify what you want in life, the faster you will know if something does or does not align with what you want and who you want to be! 

Now I’m not saying just to quit things on any whim but I am saying when you have a deep gut feeling about something, listen to it! If that means turning around, taking a  step back, or quitting don’t look at it as a bad thing. Look at it as helping you get one step closer to being clearer on what you want.

True Story- A few years ago I decided to walk away from a full time job for a freelance job that would hopefully turn into a full time job. I thought I really wanted to work for this company and was willing to pay my own health benefits for a few months to prove it.

The first day was a disaster. The guy who was suppose to show me around wasn’t there so no one knew what to do with me. The person who set up my computer spelled my name wrong and then told me I had to put a ticket in with IT to get it fixed. (He was IT and was the one who set it up!) The whole day I had a pit in my stomach and I cried my self home in the car that night. I knew in my gut something wasn’t right and I quit the next day. Was I worried about what people would think? Hell yes, but I knew, I KNEW I needed to change my mind. I called my boss from my old job and asked to come back. She was great about it and happy to have me back! I won’t say it was the easiest to do but it was the right thing for me. AND I was very happy at that company for years. 

Sometimes the right answer is to change your mind. Listen to your instincts. You know what’s right for you!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Motivation

 Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had wonderful holidays with some excellent memories. I'll update you on the goings on around here soon but today I want to know how you want your new year to look? This time next year where will you be? When you reflect on 2013 what will you see? I'm re-evaluating, re-thinking, and getting clear on what I want to see too. It's a new year, let's make it the best one yet!