Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Motivation

  I’m sitting here in my living room just reveling in an excellent weekend that was just exactly what I have been needing and not at all what we had planned for the weekend. This weekend had plans to go places and do things with fantastic folks but sadly due to unforeseen circumstances the plans fell through. What came out of that though was a beautiful weekend spent at home relaxing and getting some projects done.
 As I’m sure you can tell by how quiet the blog has been that things are super busy over here. This weekend was the first weekend in a long time where I finally felt like I caught up.  We ran errands, cleaned, and built some amazing book shelves for our living room. Tom can now be called Tom “the tool man Taylor”.  Seriously, he amazed me with his skills! Then we ended the weekend with sunday funday dinner with some great friends and the oscars. All of this left me thinking that sometimes the unexpected plans are exactly what you need. I was super bummed that our original plans didn't work out but we had a beautiful unexpected weekend.
  This weekend was also the first weekend where our very sweet puppy was able to go to puppy daycare on a saturday (aka super tired and we got to run errands). It is also the first weekend where he made stellar progress in potty training. This little guy is amazing but I have to tell anyone looking to get a puppy, It. Is. Work. Its so beyond worth it but think about it as bringing home an infant but no maternity leave! We just hit the 3 month mark with him and it is such a big change from when we got him at eight weeks. He now knows how to sit, lay down, leave it, and go potty outside. Unless he is super excited and then all bets are off! Seriously, we are all learning each other. Ganon is learning what we expect/want of him and we are learning what he needs and his signals. We are also learning when he is crying for a reason and when he just wants a biscuit. All of this is to say, I’m still here and am hoping to start getting more posts up now that things are starting to calm a bit on the home front. So Stay tuned and if you’re going through a crazy busy time right now, hang in there, it’s going to get better! And if you are potty training a puppy, I feel ya, and go buy some more paper towels!

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Art of the Surprise : Valentine's Edition

I know it's Monday Motivation day but I wanted to get this post in with enough time for folks to be able to use it! 

I know some folks find Valentine’s day cliche but I think its a great day to tell someone you care and it features my favorite color, red!   Now if you are single and are getting ready to do some serious hating on this day let me just put out there that it’s not all about a significant other. You can send love to a best friend, mom, dad, sibling, or dare I say, yourself! So here are a few thoughts on some Valentine’s day surprises!

The co-worker surprise:
You work with some great folks or maybe a great person, why not do something to bring them some cheer on valentines day! How about surprising them their favorite coffee as a “thanks for being so awesome.”  Or for a group, hit up your favorite donut/bagel/ or soft pretzel shop. Bring in a bunch for everyone! Don’t forget homemade cookies go a long way too!

The best friend:
There are so many options here! How about best friend flowers to work? or if you are both single, a mani/pedi date after work? Or if your a dude, go grab some burgers and beer! Don’t forget that sometimes a little note telling them you appreciate them is better  than anything! 

The Mom:
Well now, I think flowers are pretty obvious here but bonus if you know her favorite  flower or send flowers in her favorite color. You could also make her dinner for a change! A home made card or surprise visit to say hi could works too. (just make sure your dad isn’t planning a surprise too!) You could get your favorite photo of you two printed and framed for her. 

The Dad:
I know dad’s aren’t usually so into valentines day but hey who wouldn’t like a surprise 6 pack of his favorite beer? or a surprise lunch at his favorite sandwich place? If your dad is a little more sentimental, the favorite photo could work here too. 

The significant other:

Alright lets get into this, Im not going to state the obvious so here are some options beyond the usual (which let me just say, there is nothing wrong with flowers and candy and dinner!)

- Balloons. Instead of a bouquet of flowers, how about a bouquet of balloons! How fun would that be? They come in just about every color and last just as long as flowers! And if you are looking for flashy in the office, no one will miss a giant bouquet of balloons!

- So lets say you just got 3 feet of snow (I’m talking to you Boston!) Grab some red food coloring, some spray chalk, or cake decorating spray and leave a surprise message for your significant other in the snow? No snow? Get kiddie with it, grab that side walk chalk and go to town! If your significant other wouldn't mind, grab some window paint (removable) and leave them a message on their car. 

- Speaking of secret messages, this is a a prime day for it. Leave a note in their lunch, on their car, mail it to their work a few days before, or stick a post it note in the shower! If you really want to get creative, cover a whole room in notes all saying reasons you love them! How about a note for each hour of the day? Put them in envelopes marked with the time they can open them!

- How about a scavenger hunt? Leave notes with clues to where the next note is. Maybe they are places that are special to the two of you, then end it at your place with a candle light dinner of their favorite meal waiting! Bonus play a few slow jams and dance like you are in middle school again. Okay maybe a little closer than that!

- Got a music lover, how about surprise tickets to see a group they love?

- Got a dessert lover, you could have a dessert picnic! a smorgasbord of delicious treats on a blanket by a fire? or if you live near a beach, hey built in beautiful sunset!

- What about a couples massage! You both end up super relaxed!

Now let’s say you are single, don’t forget to treat yourself then! Do any or all of these for yourself! Get a massage, eat your fav dessert, get your nails or hair done, just celebrate you! Because you are freakin awesome!

Here is the thing folks, Valentine’s day is just another day but taking a minute to send some love to someone or yourself can only bring good things your way! So send some love, get some cheesy cards, heck get some kids valentines and pass them out to strangers if you want! Have fun with it! The world needs some more smiles!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday Motivation!

When you are feeling lost just remember that feeling lost
may actually be the universe helping you find a better path.