Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Good night Twenties

It’s the final eve on my twenties and I can’t help but do a  little reflecting. We had some seriously good times together me and my twenties, and some not so great ones that we learned a lot from.  I mean in general how crazy is it to reach 30? I know the 7 year old version of me would say “that’s so old!” but now approaching 30, I feel neither that it’s old or that I am. Though I do feel wiser. *wink, smile*

I feel like the twenties are a weird age. Great but weird. You’re learning to be an adult but still feel like a kid. Which is also why I’m totally excited for my 30’s! I’ve figured some stuff out by now and most importantly feel as though I have a pretty good grasp of who I am, who I want to be., and where I want to go. I mean, of course, I don’t have it all figured out but I feel way more comfy in my skin than I did a few years ago. What have I figured out? well here are just a few things, my twenties have taught me...

- You gotta listen to your gut. In both eating and intuition. when you’re full, stop and when your instinct tells you something, listen.

- You can love someone completely and still have to break their heart so that you can keep from breaking yourself. (This one is tough, and will take a while to work through if you have to learn it)

- You will love again.

- Don’t accept less than you deserve in a relationship because if you do, you’re settling and blocking your perfect person from finding you.

- Don’t drink the water in Mexico unless you live in Mexico. Just trust me. Don’t get ice in your drink either unless you know where the water came from to make it!

- Travel. It will open your mind.

- Love more, gossip less.

- Snuggling someone you love or a pet makes everything better.

- Adopt an animal, they will save your life.

- Spend time with yourself. How else will you get to know who you are?

- Care about yourself as if you were someone you love more than the world, because if you don’t take care of yourself first, you won’t have much to give to anyone else.

- Boston cream donuts, wacky cake, & french fry pizza are amazing.

- Be greatful. Always. It only brings more things to be greatful for!

- Take one step each day towards your dreams. There is never a right time to start so just start. 

- Figure out how to forgive things that happened in the past. You probably grew from the experience anyway and holding on to that anger isn’t healthy. Don’t drag in into the future with you. It’s not forgive and forget. It’s forgive, learn, and let go. 

- When you hit rock bottom, cry it out. Then know that the only way to go is up!

- Love with everything you have!

- Go to Disney World and ride in the front seat of the front car of space mountain. It’s so awesome. Then hit the Tiki Room. You’ll feel like you’re 5 again in no time!

- Be silly and have fun. 

- Take all advice with a grain of salt and listen to the ones that resonate with you.

- Exercise but do it in a fun way. It really does help ya live longer.

- Your thoughts control most of what comes into your life. So think good things!

- There is always another way.

- Talk to your grandma, she has some really cool stories and she won't be around forever. Plus she probably makes some fantastic angel food cake.

- Coffee. Need I say more? It starts your day, it says' "let's sit down and chat", it's a quiet moment to yourself, it's a celebration and it's delicious.

For me the thirties is about making choices for me. It's no longer about figuring out how I fit into this world. It's about owning my unique spirit and bringing that full on into the universe. It's no longer making choices for what others will say but making choices because it's right for me. That is probably the biggest lesson I learned in my twenties. 

"Make choices that are right for you. Listen to you're inner guidance system. Sometimes they are gonna be easy choices and sometimes they are going to be the hardest thing in the world but nothing and I mean nothing beats a life lived true to one's self. When you start doing that, the most miraculous things will show up! "

Twenties, We had some awesome times that I am never going to forget. Thanks for teaching me so much and sendign me so many awesome people. Now let’s go start a new chapter, learn some new things, and rock the thirties.

Have a fantastic tuesday folks! Feel free celebrate turnin' thirty with me today by doing something awesome for you! And leave me a comment with what you've learned so far! Any advice for a 30 year old??



  1. Wise and wonderful you are! I am so grateful to have met you and still stay in contact. Keep on keepin' on lady!

    1. Thank you lovely lady! Same to you! We should catch up sometime soon! By the way, I used the corn bag your mom made me back in college while I was recovering! That thing is still amazing! Tom thought I was crazy when I told him I had a corn bag. haha

  2. Well said! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :-)

  3. Well said! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday sunshine!! I think the 30's is really a decade of "coming into your own" and you are totally doing that. It will be a magical time for you. Thank you so much for your writings. You are a very talented writer and I know that every time I read your blog not only will it resonate with me but it will also bring a smile to my face. Keep on being your beautiful amazing self!!

    1. Aww Thank you Erin! That means a lot! Kindred spirits my dear :) xoxo