Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Post- Surgery

There is nothing exciting about getting your gall bladder removed however it does provide you with some unique perspective on your life. I had surgery last thursday for lazy gall bladder that didn’t feel much like functioning and would rather upset my stomach than do it’s job. So I gave it the old kibosh! The hospital staff, nurses, and doctors were all just wonderful but the best support came from family and friends. Not to mention, my fantastic “in house nurse”  Tom. Seriously guys, he took one for the team!  

 The surgery it self is laproscopic so I only have 4 small incisions. The biggest is about an inch long. It blows my mind how they can do all that work through 4 tiny holes! (If you want to know more abut how it’s done google it. There are even cartoon videos) It’s still major surgery since they ARE actually removing an organ but the recovery time is only about a week.

  Recovering has it’s ups and downs. If you’ve ever had surgery of any kind I’m sure you have some idea of how it goes. Each day is better or worse depending on the stage of healing and your reaction to meds. (Note, Percocet and I are no longer friends and naps are encouraged) All in all though, I am on the mend and looking at the bright side because having surgery has given me a unique chance to be out of my normal routine.  No, it’s not all fun games but it is quiet time to reflect on what’s happening, on my goals, on where I am heading, on what I want. It’s down time with my fiancĂ© and our menagerie of animals. (There was a rare triple snuggle with 2 cats, 2 humans, and 1 dog all squeezed on a queen size bed.) It’s time to hear myself think for a bit with out distractions. It’s been nice just reading a book without the TV on in the back ground. 

It feels like I’m regaining my health and my mental strength at the same time. I swear european countries who give there employees 6 weeks sabbaticals have got the right of it. Having time off helps your mind take a vacation so you can bring more creativity and vibrance to your life or whatever your working on! It’s why we give kids the summer off, so they can recharge their over loaded brains and come back ready to learn more. I mean your brain needs a break just like your muscles do when you work them out really hard. So why are we so reluctant to use our vacation time or give it out if your a boss? (you’re employees will come back with even better ideas!) I'm very greatful to work for a company that does value time off!  What’s wrong with saying, I need a mental health day so I can come back refreshed and with new perspective?

 I vote we start taking vacation days and hearing our own minds again. We start spending a day doing “frivolous” thing we don’t allow ourselves to do on a normal day. Let’s paint, garden, draw, dance, sing, play a game, bake a cookie, or simply allow ourselves the space to just.. Be. I’m recovering from surgery and in allowing myself time to do that, I’m gaining more back than just a functioning body. No guilt, just healing. 

Give yourself time off to just be you. I can promise you won’t regret it.

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